Project Description

In modern dentistry, aesthetics play as crucial a role as functionality. Stained, chipped, or decayed teeth affect oral health and significantly impact confidence and self-esteem. At Luongo Dental Studio, advances in aesthetic dentistry allow for the rapid and effective restoration of a natural, beautiful smile.

Key Aesthetic Dentistry Treatments


Veneers are thin ceramic laminates applied to the front teeth. They are ideal for correcting stained, chipped, slightly misaligned, or gapped teeth (diastemas). They allow patients to choose the desired shape and color, ensuring a personalized and harmonious result.


Dental crowns are fixed prosthetics that entirely cover damaged or decayed teeth, restoring their shape, size, and strength. They provide a durable solution to improve the appearance and functionality of severely compromised teeth.


Inlays are laboratory-made dental pieces used to repair teeth that have suffered decay or fractures. Unlike traditional fillings, they are inserted directly into the tooth to restore its shape and strength, blending seamlessly with the natural tooth.

Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic fillings repair decayed, chipped, or slightly damaged teeth, enhancing their appearance. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, the materials used for aesthetic fillings match the natural tooth color, ensuring a visually pleasing and discreet result.


Dental veneers are coatings applied to the surfaces of teeth made from highly aesthetic and biocompatible materials. They are bonded using specific adhesion techniques. Veneers optimize both the aesthetics and functional relationships between dental arches.


Excessive tooth wear can lead to significant enamel loss, making teeth appear short and darker. This condition may affect almost all teeth. To stop this erosive process and restore the correct vertical dimension, functional and aesthetic rehabilitations are necessary. These may involve the application of veneers, inlays, and/or crowns to protect the affected teeth. After these rehabilitations, it is always essential to use a protective night guard (bite) to maintain results.


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